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Nagaland govt reacts strongly to Assam govt’s “wild” charges

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Kohima, Aug 25: The government of Nagaland has termed the outburst of Assam government against the former as ‘wild allegations’ regarding the border impasse.

On Wednesday, Abu Metha who is the ‘press secretary’ to the Nagaland chief minister said that it has been the wild allegations of the Assam government spokesperson that was made against Nagaland and Nagaland chief minister Neiphiu Rio on the matter of Nagaland-Assam border issue. The government of Nagaland dismissed it as ‘totally baseless and unfounded’.

“The statements are inflammatory in nature and politically motivated. A responsible government and leader is not expected to make such inflammatory statements which are without any bias and justification. The Nagaland government condemns the statements and refutes all allegations made by the Assam government spokesperson,” said the statement of the Nagaland Chief Minister’s Secretariat.

It then said that the Nagaland government is of the clear view that the people of Nagaland and Assam have coexisted as friendly neighbours since times immemorial and will continue to do so for all times. “Therefore, in order to maintain friendly relations and peaceful mutual coexistence, all disputes and outstanding issues should be resolved through negotiations under a spirit of understanding and mutual respect,” the official statement of Nagaland government said today.

It then cautions that issuing of such immature statements and baseless allegations will only create enmity and mistrust and responsible leaders should refrain from such unbecoming behaviour.



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