Don’t put all the blame on govt for stunted growth, says Ibobi


Source: Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Sep 15: The state government cannot alone be blamed for slow work progress of various development works taken up in the state. The short duration of working season and delay in the sanction of funds under various Central government plans and assistance are some of the major factors that hamper the timely completion of the projects, he noted.
The chief mininster said this while delivering the presidential address at the one-day seminar on “Manipur: The Way Forward” held today at Hotel Classic in Imphal.

The state government is striving to complete all the projects in time against all odds by utilizing the funds under normal plan and special plan assistance to the optimum level, Ibobi asserted.

Highlighting the bottlenecks in the maintenance of NH-53, the chief minister stated that the Ministry of Surface Transport has sanctioned only Rs. 2 crores per annum for the maintenance of the 219 kilometers long NH-53 while Rs. 8 crores per kilometer has been sanctioned for the maintenance of national highways in other states.

The state government has been facing financial constraints to develop the NH-53 despite the fact that the Ministry has sanctioned Rs 10 crores very recently. The limited sanction from the Ministry has been a stumbling block in the development of NH-53, he said.

The state government would try to find out an alternative lifeline of the state in view of frequent bandhs and blockades imposed on the two national highways of NH-39 and NH-53 and it has also set a target to complete the irrigation projects of Khuga, Thoubal and Dolaithabi as soon as possible for the benefit of the farmers of the state even if the Central government is reluctant to sanction more funds for the projects which have been going on for the last many decades, Ibobi stated.

He also maintained that the Central government has sanctioned Rs. 750 crores under special plan assistance for the development of the state and further the state government would also urge the Central government to sanction more funds for development, especially for the construction of an all-weather road on the NH-53 and other infrastructural projects of the state.

The zero-garbage campaign has been started with the objective of making Imphal city clean and hygienic and the three women’s markets of Khwairamband bazar would also be inaugurated soon, the chief minister stated. 

Ibobi also asserted that the state government always welcomes formation of committees for monitoring various projects taken up in the state, and added that the recent successful holding of the ADC election is a step towards strengthening the grassroots democratic institutions of the state.

The chief minister also appealed to all the people to resolve the myriad issues of the state through dialogues rather than violent means.


  1. Common Dear CM no matter how much you take percentage etc etc , at the end you will need six feet of land.
    Apologies , I take back my words since you are a manipuri you wouldn’t need that either. So why so much greed about money !!!!

    I would like to ask whoever is reader. Do you guys think whatever our CM is saying is true?


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