Teachers’ Day gift brings cheers to Sugnu school


By IFP Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 8: The students of Standard High School at Sugnu in Chandel district were given a new ray of hope in the form of a scholarship offered by the “Tombing Vunkhothang Memorial Education Trust (TVMET)”.

The trust has been founded by the family members and friends of Tombing Vungkhothang who was a resident of Sugnu. T.Vungkhothang, a pharmacist cum compounder by profession was a leader in many ways and wrote many books, songs and propagated the need to be educated in order to bring development and positive changes.

After he passed away in the year 2007, his family members instituted the trust in order to fulfill his vision of helping and developing the people and society through education. The school, situated in Sugnu, Chandel district had seen the worst of days when rain, storm and other circumstances often caused disruption in delivering education to the students. The secretary of the school had to run from pillar to post seeking assistance in order to ensure the school continued to function despite the odds and ends it faced.

Last year the family members of the TVMET offered scholarships to the students of every class in the school obtaining first place. The TVMET scholarship covers the full tuition fees, uniforms, books and other miscellaneous items of every student from the primary class to higher secondary. Two other scholarships were also offered to two very deserving students from the school.

The TVMET scholarships were offered this year on Teachers’ Day celebration. Students who secured first place in the last academic session were given the certificates from the TVMET. The function was presided by MLA Thangkholun Haokip as the Chief Guest and MLA Morung Makunga as the Guest of Honor.

During his speech, the Guest of Honor MLA M.Makunga, who was moved by the pitiable condition of the school’s infrastructure, announced a sum of Rs. 1 lakh as donation towards the construction of toilets in the school. The Chief Guest handed the cheque on behalf of the TVMET members for the scholarships to the secretary of the school amidst applause and cheers from the teachers and students alike who were overwhelmed with the support. The event was truly one of the best Teachers’ Day function ever celebrated in the school.


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