Thadou students point out irregularities in ADC teachers’ appointment


Imphal, Sep 13: The Thadou Students’ Association, Chandel district committee has sent a complaint letter to the chief secretary, government of Manipur against the excessive appointment and non-allocation of die-in-harness quota of primary teachers under Autonomous District Council, Chandel.

Citing a lot of irregularities in the appointment of primary teachers under the Autonomous District Council, Chandel in the complaint, the association has requested the chief secretary, government of Manipur to take up immediate action in public interest.

The association has in the complaint letter alleged that the appointment of 504 primary teachers for Chandel district is in excess of 72 appointments by the chief executive officer and should be cancelled. It has expressed that the total number of advertised post for primary teachers was only 432 which included 398 posts for general primary teachers and 21 posts and 13 reserved for appointment under die-in-harness and for physically handicapped persons or persons with disabilities respectively.

It has further stated that two notifications for the post of primary teachers were published by the state government.

It has further alleged that the chief executive officer, district council, Chandel had on the recommendation of the DPC 2009-10 and with the approval of a government order declared the appointment of 495 general candidates and 14 physically handicapped persons or persons with disabilities for the post of primary teachers under ADC, Chandel, which is in excess by 72 posts from the available created posts as published through the two consecutive notifications issued by the authority.

It has further complained that 74 candidates being wait listed is gross violation of government rules and norms and that some candidates found in the waiting list had failed in the written exam.

It has further alleged that two candidates Ng Naomi and Ng Romio are found in the waiting list with the same roll no. 1479.

Furthermore, it has stated that all CEOs are directed by the state government to adopt guidelines and instructions on reservation for People with disabilities and Die-in-Harness with a definite percentage of 3 and 5 respectively. However, only 13 candidates of PWD were appointed while no candidates from the DIH schemes are appointed, even though there were many applications through the said scheme.

It has further claimed that due to ethnic clashes among the hill people during 1992-94 certain villages like Thingkangbung, Duthaang, Phiran Machet, Khubung Khullen, Khubong Khunou, Thorcham and Salluk were deserted and their respective primary schools under ADC, Chandel had long ceased to exist. However, as many as seven primary teachers each have been posted for each village.

The association has as such requested the chief secretary to consider the stated complains and take necessary action in the public interest.


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