ZYF summon


IMPHAL, Sep 9: The Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) in a press release has issued summons to the DLO’s/ DDO’s/HOD’s of Tamenglong District in particular the EE/Eletricity, EE/PWD/Tml Division, District Horticulture & Soil Conservation Officer, District Agriculture Officer (DAO). District Forest officer, District Fishery Officer, Joint Director (Vety), PHED Officer and all district level officers of Tamenglong to provide a reasonable point as to why they have not been attending office despite their repeated appeals in the past. The ZYF members while keeping its words have decided to serve a directive that all the aforementioned offices/department be shut with effect September 13.

As per the release issued by the ZYF, any person/staff found attending office would be responsible for any untoward incidents. Further, the ZYF has also appealed to the public to understand and co-operate with the agitation journey for the progressive development of Tamenglong.

The ZYF has also stated that in particular, the District Electricity control room is leaking from the roof due to which the electrical machine/parts are in contact with the water, which is extremely dangerous to everyone. The release further stated that the head of the Department/ EE/Engineer on the other hand is nowhere to be seen or to take action on the problems. The ZYF has appealed that the head of the District Administration/ Local representatives to initiate significant steps in the districts’ development aspects as they will not be mere spectators in any aspect and in particular to the cause of the society.

LKK says ‘false arrest’
By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL Sep 9: The Lamkang Khurchuknao Kunpun (LKK) clarified that,. Sk. Kotoi s/o Sk. Rungshel of the Betuk village chandel District who was caught as an NSCN (K) cadre by the 42 Assam Rifles at Molnoi on 6th sept. was false A press release by president of LKK Moses Lamkang said that. Sk. Kotoi is none other than the present Gen. Secy. of the Betuk village Authority. He was forcefully brought to Molnoi by the notorious UKLF cadre and after beating him black and blue, later handed him over to 42 Assam Rifles 26 sector located at Pallel. He has done nothing wrong and was caught while repairing his yamaha bike at Pallel Motor workshop.

The Lamkang Khurchuknao Kunpun appealed for the immediate release of the Sk. Kotoi, if the aforesaid person is not released immediately, different forms of agitations will be carried out and if any untoward incident occurs, the responsible will be sole by the UKLF said the Lamkang Students Union.

Further the Union demanded the 42 Assam Rifles and UKLF to make a clarification on this matter, if the AR and UKLF said to fail to do so, Lamkang community in particular Chandel Naga people in general will never remain silent, said the release.


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