Boxer Sarita express shock on Mary’s defeat


IMPHAL, Nov, 25: Asian women boxing champion L Sarita has expressed deep regret and shock over defeat of five times world women boxing champion MC Mary Kom at the Guangzhou Asian games. Mary Kom lost to Ren Cancan of China by 7-11 points in the semi final of the 51kg category yesterday.

Mary Kom is reigning five times world boxing champion in the 48kg category but she was competing in the 51kg category at the Asiad.

Speaking to IFP today L Sarita said she could not believe Mary Kom would lose so easily to the Chinese. Stating that she had twice defeated the Chinese boxer, Sarita expressed shock over the manner ‘Magnificient Mary’ lost so easily to her opponent at the Asian Games yesterday.

Mary Kom is the reigning world champion in 48kg category while L Sarita is Asian champion in 51kg category.

Mention may be made that L Sarita lodged strong protest against selection process of boxers for the Asian games held few months back at New Delhi and she even staged protest sit in at the official residence of Union sports minister MS Gill and threatened to return Arjuna award confered to her by the central government.


  1. 5 time world boxing champion….to be precise 4 time 46kg world boxing champion, 1 time 48 kg world boxing champion & 0 time 51kg world boxing champion, Magnificient Mary Kom losing so easily is no doubt the BIGGEST SHOCK in the history of boxing.

    The outcome was very much predictable. Miss Kom may put on weight but her arms will not get any longer. After so much experience & being multiple time word boxing champion, miss Kom resorted to accusing her opponent of foul tactics. A world champion boxer facing foul tactics for the first time in her life at Asiad or 51kg class, wow wow, indeed very shocking. She is going to seek tips from Suranjoy and demanding a change of Indian boxing coach & staffs.

    She found no problem in adjusting to higher weight category but found lotsa problems facing foul tactics. perhaps pint sized boxers are not used to foul tactics and are more inclined to fair boxing but may resort to unfair or repeated trials to get selected.


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