Cracks appear at Laxmi Bazar building prior to its inauguration


The cracks at the plinth platform of the Laxmi Bazar are visible in the picture above. 2010-11-12 | by : IFP Photo
The cracks at the plinth platform of the Laxmi Bazar are visible in the picture above. 2010-11-12 | by : IFP Photo
IMPHAL Nov 11 : On the eve of the inauguration of three market building by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi , cracks have started appearing at the ground floor of the Khwai Nupi Keithel building formerly known as Laxmi Market , giving a tell tale description of the quality compromised work.

At present, cosmetic changes have been applied in around Khwairamband Bazar area, road medians have been repainted and fully grown plants and flowers have been ‘transfixed’ on them. Even earth movers are pushed into action to transplant mature ornamental plants to make Imphal city look a veritable green city.

The hasty works leave much questions as to the durability of rush of facelift activities. The newly painted road median in front of the Governors residence have already started to come off by at least 20 feet.

Sanahanbi Aribam, a housewife told IFP, “I wish the government could take up other developmental works at the same tempo with similar urgency as the state is doing at present to impress Sonia Gandhi. The city would look much better then permanently.”
It may be mentioned that the work tender of the three markets under funding from the Ministry of Urban Development was awarded to the National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC).

The NBCC later surrendered the contract on grounds of the prevalent law and order conditions in the state.
The funds then was deposited to MAHUD and later to the PWD.

The contract was again floated by PWD and finally tendered to SIMPLEX.

The cost of the three market buildings is said to be around Rs. 70 crores.

The temporary solution to public development construction is very similar to the case of the recent Commonwealth Games where ill fitting, plumbing and concrete work started to show in embarrassing ways.

The cosmetic surgery of Imphal city could have at least started earlier to ensure quality of work, however, as is always the case of any hasty work, some cracks have begun to show one day ahead of inauguration. While many welcome the arrival of Sonia Gandhi, the shoddy work has left many tongues wagging.


  1. It’s all because of what they call percentage/share and we can’t blame any specific agent/person for that. Nothing’s gonna change. Ultimately we are the ones who will suffer. We’ve to wait for the catastrophe. Sob.. Sob… 🙁

  2. These cowards hasnt raised an issue on why and how this market is named!Okey okey!thingthou from centre has sanctioned the fund!!!IPeople of Kangleipak sucks!!!I ve to started hate people as much as I hate indian!!CCoz of such insensitive and cowardice!


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