Is North-East the “Quota Zone” for UGC?



Since the last few years, all the candidates who have cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET) from the north-east are those with reservation facility, that is, all are from Scheduled Tribe (ST), Scheduled Caste (SC) and Other Backward Class (OBC) card-holders. Does the University Grants Commission (UGC) consider north-east as the ‘Quota zone’ of the country? Those who have cleared are not of any outstanding merit. But there seems to be a policy of appeasement where the allotted quota seats have to be filled up. So all the trash. In the long run, it is the students and the colleges and universities who will be deprived of quality teachers in north-east.

There are some interesting incidents to be related. During the NET exams held in Gauhati university, I met two candidates from Rajasthan and Haryana. One had the Meena ST quota card and the other had the Gujjar ST quota card. When asked why they came all the way to appear for the NET from north-east, they said that it is easier to clear from north-east as the answer-scripts of all STs, SCs and OBCs are checked very leniently and marks are allotted easily to them. This is because the UGC has to fill the stipulated quota seats in teacher appointment through NET. Is it a unfortunate or shameful to be considered so in the national arena? In the coming years, north-east universities and colleges will be robbed of great minds and ideal teachers.

Another interesting thing that these two north-Indian ST candidates told me was that they were surprised to see the high standard of living of the north-east “quota card” holders, especially in Shillong, and wondered why they were still given quota facility!

Yours truly,

Sudipto Chaudhuri,
Near Nazareth hospital,
Laitumkrah, Shillong


  1. Dear Sudipto Chaudhuri,
    Very funny letter. Well, this false perseption happens everywhere specially when people can’t succeed. I remember “Nach na jane aangan tera” …
    Try to learn how to dance instead of blaming the coutyard.

  2. Maam it seems you dont have proper knowlegde of the terms you mentioned. they are defined by the Constitution of India and provision are given towards them. It seems that you are trying to say that an ST or SC or OBC should remain thier whole life stick to thier definition and can never ever think of becoming a doctor, teacher or , contesting for seat in the state election. The prime minister is a Sikh and see what sikh are asking for. Brahmin are supposed to be respected and offered with everything we have, so they are rich. When he broke and became poor, he still remain poor and as brahmin. He is not thrown back to the last rung of the caste heirarchy.
    Provisions are given to ameliorate these people and not to make remain to thier deprived situation for whole life. Regarding OBC there is called creamy layer. You check out what it states.
    The equation you made is unrealistic. There is evaluation system which are computerised and mainly moderated by the so called greatest minds of this country. You are questioning thier credentials.

  3. yes it is quota region because you bangali c****** f**, dishonest tribe enjoy all the benefit illegally. There is no left over for meritorious people for north east region and therefore legally quota is needed to counter the illegal bangali reservation, I think you bangalli has enough intelligent to understand my point.


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