Monetary demand forces Airtel to shut offices


IMPHAL Nov 9: Bharti Airtel Private Limited, one of the main mobile service providers in the state have shut down its offices following monetary demands from an underground outfit.
According to reliable sources, a valley based UG group has slapped a huge monetary demand on the Airtel office located at Khuyathong. Following constant threats from the armed group, the main offices located at Khuyathong and Babupara have shut down temporarily since October 28 following instruction from the company’s nodal officers.
Post closure of the main offices, customers and retail vendors of the company are left in the lurch as  no competent authority is available for redressal. The various Airtel mobile offers cannot be availed as the schemes can be bought only through easy recharge (Lapu) and only the recharge cards are available at cards vendors presently. The recharge coupons are also distributed to the retailers through the back door, according to the source.
Even as the main offices have shut down for more than 10 days , no formal report has been lodged with the police in the regard.
IFP tried contacting Airtel nodal officers over the phone in the regard but no response could be ascertained.
It may be mentioned that Airtel provides GSM/CDMA services along with digital television facilities in the state. The private sector company offering telecommunication services throughout the nation has an annual turnover of Rs 5000 crores.


  1. Manipur will never be developed as long as there are UG outfits. What are they? Freedom fighters? …. I unquestionably doubt that….
    When will they let people live freely? Don’t they have the sense to understand the repercussion it has on common people of Manipur due to their demands? When a company expands its operation in Manipur, its the people that benefits. It provides employment to people where job opportunity is almost nill. Not only employment, a lot of people are benefiting from Airtel in many ways: business dealings, emergency calls etc. It’s because of these companies like Airtel, a lot of people have the hope of living a healthy life. Many people are surviving just by selling recharge cards.
    Now that the ofices of Airtel are closed for nearly a fortnight, there is high chance that the company withdraw its operation from Manipur. Who will be at lost, then??? Think carefully


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