UKLF denies


    Imphal, November 9: The United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) in a press release refuted the claims that the village chief of Saheiphai village, (L) Paothang Haokip, 58 yrs was shot dead by the UKLF as published in a section of the media.
    The UKLF stated the claims are baseless and unconvincing, as Paothang Haokip of Saheiphai did not reside under the operational area of the UKLF. Further, the release claimed that after much investigation they got to know that some contract killers killed the village chief for money. The truth was apparently revealed by Jajang Gangte of UNLF that KNLF & UNLF in alliance hired a KNA cadre to eliminate the village chief for money matters.
    According to the J.M.Zou, Information & Publicity Secy, the killer of (L) Paothang is being traced by the UKLF in order to bring justice and peaceful co-existence. They have asked the concerned authority to look into the matter and bring justice and punish the killer according to the law of the land.


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