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‘Real reconciliation would have to be through mutual effort’

IMPHAL, Nov 16: Real Reconciliation is surrendering sum total of individual or group’s authority and rights to meet one another with equal love and sincerity.Reconciliation means,one respects his own Commitment and Solemn Pledge.Reconciliation also means,the explanation of real love through positive actions and humble approach towards one another, according to a press statement issued by Y.Wangtin Naga, Kilonser NSCN/GPRN.

The statement further mentioned that, it is the reconciliation that brings two different ideologies or two school of thoughts into one.Reconciliation is forgetting past mistakes,past bitterness and avoiding vengeful thoughts and begins to love his own enemies or brothers.Reconciliation does not mean surrendering of one group before the other group. It also does not mean suppressing and oppressing over one group by the other group however strong they may be. Reconciliation is not meant to destroy one by other. It also not meant to force someone to agree what one says. Hence, reconciliation cannot be misused bu some group for their advantage.

The statement further urged IM brothers, to uphold the covenant of Reconciliation signed by Isak swu, Chairman NSCN-IM,S.S.Kaplang Chairman NSCN-K and Brig (Retd)S.Singnya,president FGN on August 13, last year, which was re-strengthened by declaration of commitment at chiangmai VI by Gen(Retd)V.S.Atem NSCN-IM,Mr.Zopra Vero,Vice-president FGN and myself on September 29 last year. From day one of reconciliation process attended by V.S.Atem and me on August 24, 2008, placed an agenda on behalf of GPRN and general Nagas that, present IM talk must be halted and Naga talk to be started collectively by combining all Naga groups. If I am not mistaken,may be I was first man to propose high level meeting. The NSCN/GPRN kept on insisting on halting IM’s talk to achieve reconciliation and then Nagas (combining all Naga groups) talk start.But,NSCN-IM wants both reconciliation and talk.A man cannot sail on two boats at a time. It is clear that,IM wants every body to be party of their dialogue which is not possible.Nagas need collective wisdoms to prepare a ground for collective talk to ensure permanent solution.Since NSCN-IM wants to continue talk with GOI without consulting other political groups,the NSCN/GPRN under the leadership of S.S.Kaplang and N.Kitovi will sit down and see how far they can go without unanimity among Naga political groups.My priority mandate is among different Naga political groups then go for public mandate.

The statement said here it is desire to respond to NSCN-IM statement of November 5 last, calling me chameleon frequently changing colour every moment and speaking one thing at one place and speaks another of the same thing at any other place. Here I am standing firmly on reconciliation issue and that,I will never shake under any circumstances. From day one of reconciliation meeting, I have insisted reconciliation among Naga National Workers first and that, all factions should leave aside their domestic interest.First reconciliation and unity among National workers of different Naga factions and then political dialogue with GOI collectively. No faction should high handedness the situation. But NSCN-IM openly mis-used Peace Process by continue killing and capturing NSCN / FGN arms and cadres. We have indebtedness to FNR who relentlessly sacrificed for the cause who brought peace among the Nagas and lead them in the right direction thus far.We must also know that we have crippled the peace process of FNR for which we need to seek forgiveness from them the statement added.

Naga brother, let us take a good example from Buogain Ville and papua new-guinea who reconciled in the year 2005 signing 25th peace agreement after long bloody war.Many of us have seen that, they all cried and bowdown before one another remembering their past deeds.dug the graveyard, collected the bones of each other’s workers who have been killed and returned it with tears on the face. Nagas we must reconcile for the shake of our broken Nation. We must seek forgiveness from the Naga publics because we betrayed them.Their hopes have been vanished through our negativism. The present fight/confrontation is between two forces of own rights. The NSCN-IM keep on justifying their action because it is right on their perspective,so also NSCN / GPRN justifying their action as it is a right action on their perspective.Hence, We must surrender our own rights for the shake of our broken Nation and find out ways and means to achieve our dream of oneness the statement added.



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