Open Letter To The Honb’le Chief Minister, Manipur, Shri O.ibobi Singh



At the outset, I beg your forgiveness for which I’am going to reveal the world about your dirty games (Divide & Rule) among the Kukis in general,and particularly betwen the State of Assam and Manipur.
I wonder as to how and why you have sent the so-called KNO/KRA (a signatory of SoO, which is applicable only in Manipur) to Assam to kill the innocent civillians and to extort money from the poor. If I’m not wrong, the KNO/KRA have signed SoO Agreement under the home ministry, we can frankly said that it is under your Ministry which they have signed the Agreement. If any SoO Group in Manipur can create problems in any other state (or for that matter, Assam), someday, the outfit (s) of Assam will follow suit, and consider Manipur as a “green pastures” to reign at their whims and wishes.

Morever, I wonder as to how and under what conditions the KNO leaders allowed the KNO/KRA to break the SoO ground rules.This writer envisions that the Northeast in particular, and the whole India in general, could taste and enjoy the rights and liberties enshrined in the Indian Constitution one fine day!

Mention may be made that the KRA have deposited all their arms and ammunitions to the Goverment Of India and Manipur. It is bizarre as to how some leaders/cadres left their ‘Deginated Camp’, thereby causing untold pains and sufferings to the innocent civilians. It’s clearly mentioned in the SoO Agreement that no fresh boys should berecruited as regiments ,and no more arms and ammunitions should be purchased by the Groups. If all the registered arms and ammunitions were found outside their camps, it’s crystal clear that the KNO/KRA have broken the SoO Agereement for which, can’t they be treated as non- SoO Group?
Sir, please take urgent/prompt measures on this critical issues so as to avoid public disturbances by the KNO/KRA in Assam.
Long Live Congress Government!
Long live Shri.Okram Ibobi Singh!

Yours Faithfully,
Jangminlal Gangte
Add: Karbi Anglong Dist., Assam

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