Which of the following is the main contributor to the pathetic situation with irregular supply of electricity in Manipur?

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    1. This is crazy…. what is this poll for…?
      There will be factual or objective reason for this…. why this speculation?
      i would like the questionnaire… if it ask… What should the Govt. do to end this power crisis? Should the Govt
      A. develop Small Hydel projects in different areas?
      B. look for forms of energy
      C. privatise the power sector

      Yes I like to give strong comment on this Electricity Issue, A big wrong management by the Electricity Dept. where are the meter reader,mainetenance lineman, field technicians,S.O’s and Engr’s.20 years before have everybody, now where? They don’t like go to the field, only they like strike Band for increase salary allowance etc.If they are working everyday 8 hrs duty in every section tax will be coming regularly automatically but no. So how can give the tax for no electric supply, there is electric lost no maintenance regularly ,look at the newspapers we have seen necked transformer ,cabling ,fuse boxes maintain by the local consumers for the safe life of animals and humans, Electricity Department you want to sales Electric you should be maintain everything related with your product, If can’t TOTALLY SALES to a private company we will see how developed in Manipur Electricity, World is forward without Manipur, Manipur is go were, every year budget is more why lost more, you know batter, traffic signal, road border LED SIGNAL,STREET LAMP LED, ashamed without thinking about your product, only table work ashamed. Electricity Dept.You want to see same as BSNL TELEPHONE SERVICE IN MANIPUR compare with other private telecom services in Manipur you also will be shortly, Why you kept many transformers as a good junk at kangla, you know how many locations without transformers under your electrification areas, we the people manage not only repairing charge, maintenance charge by the collecting of local consumers with voluntary organization for you but also not repaired before 4 to 5 months a transformer, Sure we the people of Manipur ashamed, we will pay, give us good electricity. You all Electricity Dept want to take good salary only without work. “DO SALES GOOD PRODUCT EVERY THING WILL BE GOOD RESULT”. Otherwise don’t try to blame to the consumers.

    3. Management is the central issue here as without good management all will go hey-wire.If you dont direct a regulation for collecting bills is just purely a management issue.Anfd if you dont pay bill mean no revenue to maintain the man and machine both….Hence!management!…ha ha ha second thought though,its the people of that who are running this management!!!!wow!Great huh!

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