FECTAM to enter into agitation


IMPHAL, Feb 16: The Federation of College Teachers`™ Association, Manipur (FECTAM) are all set to enter into a democratic movement against the state government from February 18 onward for its failure to deliver their demands which includes implementation of the revised UGC pay scales for the teachers of colleges and higher secondary schools of the state despite of their prior ultimatum given to the state government setting a deadline of February 17 which will end tomorrow.
A statement of the association has acknowledged that their stand on the issue is not just a mere demand to increase their salaries and for some benefits but they are also coming out against the government`™s apathy towards the teachers`™ community.
The statement further mentioned that, the FETCAM considering the effects of the teachers`™ strike on the academic atmosphere in the state has been patiently waiting for a sincere response since the last two years from the state government keeping in mind the selfless sacrifices of the teachers`™ community.
But with the kind of non responsive government that the state has and for its complete negligence of the higher education system in the state, the time has come for the teachers to teach the government a lesson.
It has further recalled that, the Government of India with an objective to retain and abstract full knowledge from the teachers of higher educations and colleges, the superannuation period of working teachers had been extended to 65 years all over the country and later approved for new UGC pay scales for the teachers working in higher educations and colleges during December 2008.
It has further mentioned that with the approval of the new UGC pay scales for the teachers it has been implemented in all 27 states of the country except Manipur, which has all the more made it an issue of great concern for the teachers of the state.
The statement further mentioned that, an act of injustice has been committed by the present state government by not responding to the genuine demands of the FECTAM which is a real violation of the rights of the teachers, as a result the association has chose to start with the various forms of stern agitation from February 18. the statement added.


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