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Manipur Students’ Association Delhi MAHEIROI 2011

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Manipur Students’ Association Delhi

New Delhi

Ref: 20110217 PR – Magazine

Invitation: Press Release

17 February 2011

It is hereby notified that MSAD is publishing the annual magazine maheiroi 2011. Interested students from Manipur who are pursuing education in Delhi are requested to submit original articles, poems, short stories, and other literary works on or before 31 March 2011. The original works may be written either in English or Manipuri or any other mother tongue of the indigenous community / tribe in Manipur. It is being recommended that word limit for poems shall not exceed 300 words and those of articles and short stories shall not exceed 1200 words. Former executive members, the working advisors and volunteers may submit short messages that may not exceed 100 words. The patrons, sympathizers and well wishers of MSAD who are willing to donate money in favour of the publication of the MAHEIROI may kindly contact the Finance Secretary Mr. Taorem Chittaranjan. For more information kindly contact the Academic & Magazine Secretary Mr. Vaomathot Shimrah.


Mr. Vaomathot Shimrah

Academic & Magazine Secretary,

Manipur Students’ Association Delhi.

17 February 2011.

For contact: +91 8802363512 / +91 7838983871 / +91 9711151570 / msad.manipur[at]gmail.com



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