Network marketing, the bug of Manipur economy


The small and remote state, Manipur, is flooded with different network marketing. With the acute problem of unemployment and in search of easy means of livelihood people have fallen prey to fraud Agencies and Network Marketing. In want of Quick and Easy Money, without giving the slightest thought, people are easily tempted to investment based on Network Marketing inspite the known fact that such Network Marketing are FRAUDULENT.

In 2000, SHRINEEVI HOUSE, an Agency at Singjamei collected huge money from the customers assuring them that they would be given kitchen utensils and other house-hold items in much reduced price. But the Agency vanished with all the deposited money of the investors. Then, who can forget the bombastic TVI which ended unborn bastically; who are unheard of the recent rumpus regarding JIT Network Marketing or the unachieved FOREX ACHIEVEMENT. Recently an Agency called MITHUNA TRADERS also collected a huge amount from the innocent citizens by assuring of giving 45% discount on every home kit appliances.

In current the Leaders of VIS ARE V in Manipur, to avoid the memorable arrest of the leaders of JIT Network Marketing, has been giving date after date to pay off the monthly rebate of the investors. And the funny thing is that the investors remained dumb/silent believing the Leaders. Investors! Wake up! 25th December 2010 has passed; 31st January has passed; 12th February 2011 has passed. Are you still going to wait for another date and another date and another date….?

Ah! The much promising GLOBAL WING INDEX. What about it? Seminars to seminars were organised, press conference was called and large area of land at Koirengei is awaited to be built an Eco-Park, the foundation stone being laid (as the Leaders said). Now forget the Eco-Park because the leaders are busy giving the investors a practice to form human chains everyday from early morning in chilli weather at the Regional Office of Global Wing Index, Gambhir Singh shopping complex,3rd floor only to give limited Dollars to limited Investors. Bravo! Leaders.

The funniest part is that Manipur’s economy is draining away to some fraud alien companies through the buffoon citizens of Manipur and yet no organizations, no NGOs or State Authority have come up with a solution to ban such a Network Marketing. They remained a silent watchers as it not a high time to ban and check the enter of such Network Marketing in Manipur? They so called Leaders who brought in such Network Marketing should be announced criminal and dumped in jail. The State as well as citizens of Manipur should not allow any layman who is not business minded or have not passed MBA (Master of Business Administration) to bring in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business. Such Network Marketing business is nothing but a CYBER SCAM which will drain away the economy of the state and might lightly make the state the poorest in the country.

As the State Government or any other Organisation have taken up any step for screening of MLM Companies we the citizens ought to form an Apex body such as JAC against the mislead and wastage of public money so as to teach a lesson to those Top Founder Leaders for the future generation.

Yours Sincerely,
Y. Tombiraj
Nambol, Bishnupur District.


  1. ya very true said,but why the hell manipur peoples are still sleeping,dont they suppose to chase that peoples and make them suffer,i met them today they r really leirs and cunning.but dnt knw wat to say to manipur peoples, common guyz wake up


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