KCP (Maoist) threatens Lamshang MLA


IMPHAL, March 14: The Kangleipak Communist Party(Maoist) in a press release by the outfit`s Assistant Secretary of Publicity and Propaganda Nonglen Meitei warns MLA of Lamshang assembly constituency W Brajabidhu. The release states that the time for warnings have passed and the outfit will take up neccesary punitive actions against the MLA and his close workers.

The outfit states that the MLA has been pocketing money from the public and has not carried out any proper developmental works for the welfare of the public.

Brajabidhu seldom discloses the nature of his developmental works and hides the work orders of the construction undertaken at present,the work taken up under the local area development fund is also carried out in a secretive way without sharing any knowledge to the public and thus none can comprehend the quality of the work.The publc of Lamshang knows that hardly after 10 days of blacktopping the Lamshang bridge road ,vegatation sprung up in the middle of the newly paved road recently,further,in order to initiate a supposed sanitation programme ,an amount of Rs 500 was colected from each family of the constituency by the councillors and the work is still yet to be implimented ,the collected money has been usurped by the MLA and his minions ,KCP (Maoist) alleged.

The MLA also has not disclosed how many rooms are to be built for the People Progressive Club at Lamshang ,the development works have been caried out on the sly. In view of his anti people stance ,the outfit dictates that the MLA cannot attend any programs and functions held within the Lamshang constituency also including his close aid Thongam Nobin.

The outfit will teach a beffiting lesson to both when the time is ripe,the outfit warns.

Further ,the outfit states that the dam being constructed at Chingai Village of Ukhrul district is sans quality. The outfit have assesed the situation and warned that all works pertaining to the construction of the dam should be halted immediately and the construction should begin a new,if the instuction of the outfit goes unheeded ,then the resulting consequences shall be borne by those responsible,the outfit warned.



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