MPP cries foul in PDS anomaly


IMPHAL March 5: The Manipur People’s Party (MPP) urges the state government to look into the proper distribution of the public distribution system which is at present in a state of disarray.

A press release by W Hemanta, general secretary of the regional political party stated that the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public distribution sanctions the total allocation of the state without fail. The items including rice, kerosene, sugar, atta, mustard oil for effective mass distribution is handled by agents, sub-dealers of the area ,but of late, the trend has changed and concerned MLAs have deputed their favored workers creating ‘super agents’ for the distribution, the release stated.

The trend started as the SPF government came into power in 2002, and even the members and pradhans demanding the allocated quota from the MLA are met with severe rebuke, whereas the quota is usurped by those in power for their personal gains, the release alleged.

MPP stated that such wanton disregard of the public welfare is unbecoming of the elected persons and the PDS scheme is among one of the many, which is effected by the corrupt governance. The demand of the public also falls on deaf ears, it maintained.

Further, the government instead of currying favor with some women organizations for their selfish political motives by giving them the siphoned PDS items should aim for the better benefit of the masses and remove their instituted super agents. The distribution of PDS items should be given to credible persons of a given area after consultation with members, pradhan or councilors, the release urged.


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