State reeling under Cong-led government asserts Nimaichand Luwang


IMPHAL, May 13: Smearing charges of inefficient governance in the state on the ruling SPF government, the Manipur People`™s Party leader Nimaichand Luwang has today appealed to the state to bring MPP into power in the coming election.

Speaking at a one day political conference of Sugnu Kendra held at Kakching Khunou Bazar, the MPP president further stated that Congress should be taken out of power if the state would like to move towards development.

`The Congress led SPF government is full of corruption and is more interested in contract works rather than in the development of the state`, he said.

Citing as example the recent outburst from a senior cabinet minister of the present government against the CM, he stated that a party which has no unity amongst its rank and set-up is not fit to provide governance and rule a state.

The senior opposition leader also attack the MPCC president Gaikhangam for making a statement stating that the state government has no opposition party.

Belittling the MPCC president`™s statement, he stated that instead of making wrong statements Gaikhangam should turn his interest towards the development of his Nungba constituency and implement the various centrally sponsored schemes in his constituency, which his constituency is yet to see.

Further replying to the claims of the MPCC president that the Congress led government has brought in a golden era in the state, he stated that when Gaikhangam`™s own constituency is yet to get the benefits of all the centrally sponsored schemes, how can he called it a golden era.

Further speaking at the conference, senior opposition leader stated that the people can see for themselves that all the contract works in the name of development in the state are taken up by the ministers and their relatives and then they will themselves go for inspecting the works. And as such there is no way for the public to find out if the works are undertaken in the right way as those who are inspecting the works are the ones doing the works, he added.

He further stated that the only way of saving the state from complete disorder is to vote the Congress led government out of power and as such appealed to the people of the state to vote sensibly and bring in the MPP or other like minded parties into power.

Former Union minister, Th Chaoba who spoke before his party president at the conference stated that the conference was organized so as to mobilize the people of the state and to tackle the Congress government from power with their help.

Taking the ongoing flagship programme campaign of the Congress as a mere eyewash, he has stated that the Congress will only talk of their achievements during the campaigns but they will never speak about the various corruption issues which has today engulf the state.

`Corruption had never been seen as it is now during the ten years long tenure of the present CM`, he further stated.

The former union minister also stated that the present Congress led government is interested only in the contract works and has never done anything for the people of the state.

Stating that the position of the ASI in the state police cost Rs 10-15 lakhs while that of an SI has reached Rs 30 lakhs which will never be able to afford by the poor section of the state, he has stated that that the Congress is not there to help the poor and needy people, they will only act against them.

The conference was attended by L Jatra Singh, ex minister, N Sobhakiran Singh, ex MLA among other officials.


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