IFCD minister talks hard against corruption


IMPHAL July 1: “Corruption in the state should be addressed seriously, either the top leaders of the state, the cabinet ministers must put an effort to bring about an end to the rampancy and from the grassroot level, the general public must also do their part”, stated IFCD minister N Biren at the 3rd M Manindra Memorial Meritorious Award function held at the INA Hall, Moirang today.

The cabinet minister while addressing the gathering stated that the public has become accustomed to doling out bribes to attain their objectives. The public must change their ways, especially during election time when there is a habit of selling one’s vote and the show of wanton waywardness while taking advantages from the candidate. Such trends need to be checked and the public needs to support the right leader without the cash factor, he maintained.

Detailing the history of the SPF government’s achievement, he further said that to bring about positive changes and address corruption, state officials including the DC’s, commissioners etc need to be sincere in discharging their duties as their obligations are on a long term basis whereas the legislators have a limited time period of service to the public.

“IAS officers have been suspended as of late for failing their duties, the teachers for RAMSA will be taken on a merit basis, the viva voce has been ruled out as it may provide a ground for corruption taking place, JNIMS will produce doctors in the next five years”, he said while adding that the state has seen much development and for further positive changes the state needs a stable government with a capable leader. He asserted that education is the back bone of a society and the youths of the state are endowed with numerous talents and can achieve at par with their counterparts from other parts of the country.

The meritorious award function was graced by IFCD minister N Biren, MLA of Moirang M Prithviraj and Thanga MLA T Mangibabu as the chief guest, president and guest of honor respectively. During the function, 121 meritorious students of the recently concluded metric and COSEM were felicitated with cash incentives and citations.

Talking to mediapersons on the sidelines of the function, minister Biren on being questioned regarding the tripartite talks held at Senapati district headquarters yesterday said that the demands of the UNC if feasible, can be acknowledged by the state government, but their demands which compromises the integrity of the state cannot be deliberated at any time or under any conditions, thereby both state representatives and central facilitators have turned down the insistence of the Naga bodies.

On the prevalent flood situation in some areas of greater Imphal, the minister said that flooding at Samushang and Lamphel is caused due to the low level of the roads and that the IFCD has pressed water generators to pump out the inundated areas, “ The situation is being monitored day and night and the Ithai barrage floodgates are kept fully opened now, incidentally the collapse of the retaining wall at Maibam was due to the an earthmover machine and not due to shoddy work quality, the flooding problem at Imphal areas will be at least a bit eased after completion of the Naga Nullah”, he said.


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