Anal leaders warn of stir on Chakpi multipurpose project


IMPHAL, Aug 30: Asserting that the proposed Chakpi Multipurpose Project will pose serious threats to indigenous Anal Nagas inhabited in Chakpi area, several civil bodies and public leaders of Anal Naga have urged the Central and state government to cancel the project failing of which will compel them to take up various democratic means of agitations to protect and safeguard their life, land, rivers and resources.

A one-day consultative meeting was organized today by the Anal Naga Taangpi (ANTA), an apex body of the tribe, on various issues concerning the Anal tribe specially the proposed Chakpi Multipurpose project at Chakpikarong.

The meeting was participated by Anallou Chief Association, Anal Students’ Union, Chiefs of Anallon, public leaders, ex-MP B.D Behring, Christian Forum Chandel.

The gathering unanimously pledged to jointly confront the issues concerning the tribe especially the proposed project.

Speaking during the meet Wng. Kohring Victor, president ANTA, said that the Anal people are not against development but they are against any socio-economic, cultural and racial threat posed by the negative impacts of the dam under the initiative of the Manipur government with the assistance of the Central government.

He asserted that as per the DPR of the proposed project the dam is 78 metres high and 510 metres width and expected to submerged area estimated to be more than 3568.78 hectares. It is likely to affect about 32 villagers in the upstream and about 100 villages in the downstream and besides several destructing natural resources like agricultural Jhum and wet arable land towards.

The ANTA president further voicing his strong opposing on the project, said non-compliance of world commission of dams (WDC) prescriptions, will violet the environment protection Acts and this will invite world equilibrium disturbances adding he pointed out that the proposed site for the dam falls under the seismic zone un-conforming the recommendations of WDC.

Touching on other issues, the ANTA president said that the people were shocked to know that the Chakpikarong Government High School, one of the oldest schools in Chandel has been stripped off from private centres for HSLC examination under the Board of Secondary Manipur. He claimed that the school is quite feasible to be upgraded to higher secondary level and demanded the government to restore its earliest status taking into account poor learning benefits especially in secondary level. At the same time, it urged government to depute a full fledged Principal for Maha Union Government Higher Secondary School, Japhou, Chandel which has been running without a principal since its upgradation for the larger interest of the students’ community.

He further alleged that the Assam Rifles temporary stationed at Salluk village of Chandel developed indifferent attitude towards the host villagers in resettlements process in the aftermath of Naga-Kuki ethnic clash and urged to co-operate with the villagers. The ANTA has already constituted a committee to study the issue and if necessary, will pursue the matter with the Home Ministry, Government of India, he further informed.

Further during the meet altogether 12 chiefs of the Chakpi area who reportedly signed an agreement with the state government permitting on conducting soul test on the proposed project site, has declare that they have withdrawn their endorsement.

The chiefs tendered an apology of being ignorant to the matter. The chiefs took vows to support the cause of the people and were imposed fine against, as per their customary law.

According to HL. Thrungam, president Chakpikarong Anal Naga Chief Association, in ancient time working against the people were imposed with heavy fine “Blood Sign” however the tradition has narrowed to the convenient of the people, he said.

The chiefs gifted a head of Mithun (Ox) as a mark of apology and taking vows to the gathering. 


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