GHC directs state police to hand over Abdul Salam case to CBI


IMPHAL August 13: The Gauhati High Court , Imphal Bench in a directive issued by justice T Vaiphei has directed the state police authorities to hand over a case to the CBI today.

The case involves an employee of the High Court Bar Association, one Md Abdul Salam who works as an attendant and according to the writ petition by the said person to the court, it was alleged that he suffered physical and mental harassment and undue confinement by police personnel while going about his duties.

According to the petitioner, he was going towards Wangkhei Kongba road to distribute cause lists to concerned lawyers on June 9. Along the way near Durga Puja Lampak, he was stopped by police personnel who came in a Gypsy bearing registration number MN1/W 3632. He was assaulted by them and later charged as a member of the PREPAK outfit.

He had further alleged that he was also threatened by the personnel by pointing firearms at his head and asked him to confess by force otherwise he would be shot dead. Abdul pleaded by showing them his identity card and showed the police that he was carrying the cause list for the court. The cause list was snatched by the police and thrown into the drains.

Following the incident, a petition was made to the court and the trail had been underway without much significant developments. Even cooperation from the side of the police department by parading police personnel for identification by Abdul Salam had went fruitless.

In the regard, the court for effective and impartial justice to be carried out, has directed the state police to hand over the case to the CBI within 15 days from August 11.

It may be mentioned that the High Court Bar Association had condemned the incident and workings of the court were halted for some days due to a protest launched by the lawyers then.


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