European Manipuri Association – Annual Social Gathering 26th – 28th August, 2011


EMA Annual Social Gathering 26th – 28th August, 2011
European Manipuri Association  (EMA), UK

London, UK: The Annual General Meeting and Social Gathering  of the European Manipur Association (EMA) was recently  held from  the  26th to 28th of August at Margate, one of the most popular  seaside holiday resorts on the eastern coast of Kent, United Kingdom. Many individuals and families of Manipur origin who are currently staying in Europe attended the annual social gathering, the event has become one of the most significant yearly event of the EMA members to come together on a common platform and share a memorable weekend of discussing current issues, enjoying cultural activities, savouring traditional culinary thereby creating a sense of togetherness.
EMA Group-Photo
Continuing EMA’s effort to share and promote authentic local dishes from various parts of Manipur, the attending members brought homemade delicacies of different varieties on the first evening of the get-together. Members also shared authentic traditional Manipuri herbs and vegetables grown lovingly at their gardens in Europe. The evening came to an end after a series of mini meetings and gatherings of members, exchanging greeting, views and ideas on different issues ranging from personal to current burning topics of Manipur.
EMA Ladies Group Photo
The General body meeting of the association was inaugurated by the out-going Chairperson, Dr. Shamurailatpam Krishnananda Sharma on the morning of 27th August, followed by organisational reporting from the outgoing General Secretary, Mr. Santosh Sougrakpam, Treasurer, Mr. Guneshwar Mayanglambam and Information Secreatry, Mr. Shanjoy Mairembam respectively, to update members on the various projects, activities and achievements of EMA during the previous year.
Beach Football in action
A heart-warming farewell was given to the outgoing committee, followed by the election of new committee members for the period 2011-2013.
The unanimously elected new members are:
1) Chairperson: Mr. Okram Bishwajit
2) General Secretary: Mr. Khangembam Somorendro
3) Treasurer: Mrs. Leichombam Ongbi Hijam Pinky
4) Information Secretary: Mr. Laishram Tiken
5) Executive Member: Ms. Gurumayum Jaishree

Thouri-Chingbi Contest
As part of promoting cultural activities especially among the young members, Marina Yaiphabi Mayanglambam, the beautiful five-years-old daughter of Guneshwar Mayanglambam and Mayanglambam Ongbi Sougaijam Nalita performed a mesmerising “Thoibi Jagoi” in full traditional attire, followed by brief information on the symbols and meaning behind the Meitei Jagoi. The spirit of culture was followed by the indispensable Manipuri sports spirit – Football, Thouri-Chingnabi and Chaphu-Thugaibi. Finally the day was concluded with an intellectual and thought provoking book exhibition hosted by Elangbam Bishwajeet, displaying rare collections of medieval Meitei-lon literature and books related to World War II in Manipur.
Book Exhibition
[box  type=”quote” color=” blue”]On behalf of the Association, the new EMA committee request all the people of Manipur origin living across Europe, of any belief, ideology and ethnicity, to be part of the EMA family and support EMA in achieving its goal. Commending the exhibition of books of immense importance, the new committee, would continue to work and promote the beauty of the various ethnicities of Manipur by organising exhibitions and presentations through the EMA platform.View Gallery [/box]
Laishram Tiken
Information Secretary, EMA
On behalf of
European Manipuri Association, UK


  1. It may not be of interest to European Non Resident Manipuris but if you have any interest in politics perhaps you might consider asking your members to write and telephone the offices of their European Members of Parliament who seem the most active in foreign affairs having very little power. I would ask over the issue of AF(SP)A repeal. You could for example ask them to confirm whether arrest warrants for visiting Indian Generals would have a reasonable chance of success given that rape by a soldier in a conflict zone is prima facie a war crime and these crimes have never been investigated by the police or tried by Indian courts. Second you could ask them to support Irom Sharmila if they ask in what ways by writing personal letters of support to her, by writing to the Indian Ambassador in Brussels and possibly by seeking to garner support for next year’s sakharov. Both Sharmila, Manipur and AF(SP)A are still minority interests in Europe but this is a marathon. Or not just suggestions.


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