Jiribam bandh


IMPHAL, Sept 26: Extensive security have been extended at the Jiribam sub-divisional headquarter after the imposition of a 60 hours general strike from 6pm by the Jiribam District Demand Committee in demand of a separate Jiribam district.

Meanwhile, there are apprehensions that the 60 hours general strike may effect the flow of goods laden trucks including oil tankers along the National Highway 37 (53), which has been used as the only alternate lifeline with the imposition of economic blockade by the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee and the counter blockade imposed by the Naga bodies.

A source has also added that around 120 goods laden trucks including oil tankers have been stranded at Jiribam waiting for escort convoys since the last two days. However, due to the general strike may further prevent them from continuing on their journey for another couple of days.


  1. this is enough civils, please stop all these nonesence actions, that simply give trouble to the human beings of the state…. shame to hear such news…come out man….. 


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