“IMA” Talents of Ranbir (6th Edition) – releasing March 18, 2012


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Talents of Ranbir (6th Edition) title “IMA” Release Date    18th march 2012, Sunday, 2 pm. Hotel Classic, IMPHAL.

Genre    manipuri folk, naga blues, hip hop, classical POP.

"IMA" Talents of Ranbir (6th Edition)


santosh mulekar on piano and keyboard
o.geet on acostic and bass guitar
jitenkumar naorem on adln keyboard
nanao sapam on lead guitar
lal hari on indian classical flute
rishikanta on chinese flute
shuklaji on sitar
shanta on tabla
h.pryobrata sharma on rythm

r.k birendrajit = strings arranger
jian ngam kamei = choir arranger

recording and final processed at tamna sanggai, imphal.
additional recording at impact studio santacruz east, mumbai.
sound recording, processed and mastering by nadeem and melroy.
sound consultant = o.boby of bindia recording studio, imphal.

……… V O C A L S

ranbir thouna
guru rewben mashangva
mikon wahengbam
raj elangbam

…….. a d d i t i o n a l V O C A L S

a.k apaai
mikon wahengbam
raj elangbam

………. L Y R I C I S T S

legendary (late) maharajkumari binodini
khaidem imo
somen moirangcha
h.cha leishang
ranbir thouna

………. P R O D U C T I O N T E A M

produced by : tamna sanggai
production design : santosh thouna
production tie up : times music india
production controller : bojen longjam
production consultant : joy mongjam

………. P U B L I C I T Y

online design by : Ashwinikumar ningombam
online publish by : Naoba ningombam
fotography design by : Chetan yumnam
audiography design by : kh. Biswamittra
videography design by : ibudhou creations and pillu films
ima design by : imomacha heishnam.

Special thanks: – www.e-pao.net, www.siroy.info, www.nezone.info

About    sanashenggoi@yahoo.com
IMA( mother),

is a heartfelt rendition dedicated to Manipur and her legacy of love, prosperity on one hand and fractured ties and violence on the other. IMA is not a song, it is a call to realize one`s roots and history while stepping into the new world. IMA is an intense call for her children to come back to her lap and to start a new beginning.


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