Bamboo cycle debuts alongside `Dasha-ni-hei` Bonny


IMPHAL, April 29: Popular cine star Gurumayum Bonny Sharma of “Yaiskul Pakhang Angouba” fame made the en vogue exclaimation ‘Dashanihei’ at the Critical Mass organized by Manipur Cycle club today.

He was asked to pilot the cyclists around town and follow the predetermined route set for the critical mass today when he made the expression.

The Manipur Cycle Club, a group of cycling enthusiasts gather every last Sunday of a month to organize a cycle rally around town under the internationally given title ‘critical mass’.

The event commenced today from Paona Bazar at the office of the club and around 60 cyclists led by Bonny riding on the recently developed Bamboo cycle rode through Paona Bazar.

Near Ima Keithel of Thangal Bazar, pamphlets of the MCC which detail the functions and objectives of the club were distributed to passer-byes.

The rally with the star at the helm was a head turner and several fans of Bonny also took pictures with their mobile phones.

The critical mass passed through Khuyathong, Minuthong, Hatta , Palace Compound and finally concluded at Iboyiama Sumang Lella Sanglen where the cyclist were greeted by organizers of the Chinjak Food festival.

At the entrance road of the complex, BMX riders showcased their talents and stunned the visitors of the Chinjak festival with their cycle stunts. The crowd applauded the efforts of the MCC cyclist and cheered the showmanship exhibited.

The highlight of the stunt was Loya, a BMX enthusiast who also has several cycling stunt awards under his cap performing a jump over six of his prostrated comrades with the first Bamboo BMX bike.

Afterwards, the cyclist partook at the festivities of the Chinjak Festival and the organizers also highlighted the MCC endeavor to the visitors.

Bonny Gurumayum along the sidelines of the rally told mediapersons that he was obligated to join the critical mass and further stated that cycling needs to be endorsed to lessen the prevalent traffic jams in the city areas.

“I enjoyed the cycling experience, it’s been a long time since I had such fun. I am going to buy a cycle now, it was great”, he exclaimed.The cine star also mentioned that the MCC needs to be applauded for their efforts in trying to conserve the environment and lessen pollution in the city.

The cyclist afterwards also visited the candlelight vigil made to the memory of Loitam Richard at Uripok Yambem Leikai.


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