Music Xplosion – By the renowned singers of Manipur Live in the land of Brahmaputra, 2012

Music Xplosion – By the renowned singers of Manipur Live in the land of Brahmaputra, 2012

An evening of music to treasure

The Infinitas House of Event Management is a Delhi based Event House whose aim is to bring in life to the people of any community through the medium of ART (music, dance, drama or any sort of melancholy). For the first time in the heart of your city we are going to unwind the chorus of silence with the fully stringed chorus of our legendary singers of Manipur. Our motive of this event is to revive the old songs and get it pass through the people of today’s generation. The music is going to be a sort of jugalbandis between the old and the new as the artist we have invited are the mixture of both the genre.

We have invited the melody queen of Manipur Smt. Laishram Mema from Mumbai to put a live on the event through her all time favourite numbers. She is the first ever Manipuri singer to sing in a Bollywood movie. She has also been conferred with the title of “Nightingale of North East India”.

Followed by her is Mr. S Naba Sharma, he is popularly known as ‘Naba Volcano’. The title conferred to him itself speaks about his X-factor. He is nothing less than the lava of Volcano. His songs are always been hummed by all the age group in Manipur and rest of the surroundings.

We have also invited Ranbir Thouna, the man who has been compared with the music maestro – A R Rahman. Ranbir’s music are a mixture of romantic and patriotic songs. His recent album ‘IMA’ – means MOTHER has been a great success to count on. He is also very popular for conveying social messages through his inevitable campaign ‘Save Loktak our Life’.

We have included another two talents of today’s generation – Uttam Maya and Sarita gazmer. She is undoubtedly one of the rising sun of North East India. Uttam Maya is a versatile personality because of his composing, singing and acting skills. These combinations of artiste makes the program perfectly called on for one memorable jugalbandis to be live wired for all of us.

Lastly but not the least, the Orchestra band will also be a part of this event. The all time famous ‘ROOP RAAG’ will beat the heat of the summer through their exceptional music for all of us.

About the concert – It is named as ‘MUSIC XPLOSION’ for all the above reasons. It is an independent event organised by INFINITAS House of Event Management. The program will be held at Guwahati Medical College Auditorium, Bhangaghar, Guwahati, Assam on the 19th day of May 2012. The evening is dedicated to the land of Brahmaputra.


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