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Manipur Students’ Association Delhi
Press Release
Ref No. 2011-2012/120420012-004
Date 12-04-20012

Manipur Students’ Association Delhi Magazine “MAHEIROI 2012” Call for Articles
Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD) is publishing the annual magazine MAHEIROI 2012. Students from Manipur who are studying in Delhi are cordially invited to submit an article, poem, short story, etc. to our magazine MAHEIROI 2012.
Deadline for submission of article is on 31st July 2012
The issue will be out in September 2012

Article criteria and submission process
Please consider the following criteria when developing article submissions.
• Submissions must include the author’s full contact information.
• Articles should not exceed 1200 words.
• All articles should be written in either English or Manipuri or any other mother tongue of the indigenous community in Manipur
• Each submission will be reviewed by an Editor who may correct spelling and grammar and edit for length.
All submissions meeting the above requirements should be submitted to

Md. Shafikul Haque
President, Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD)


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