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Justice for Richard Loitam: Protest rally held at Tripura

5th May 2012:  A protest rally against the murder of Loitam Richard and for his justice was held in Tripura.


Justice for Richard Loitam, Protest Rally Held at Tripura - Click to view the gallery

The protest was scheduled at 11 am in the morning and started from the Pole Star Playground near the North Gate. About 400 students from different colleges NIT Agartala, ICFAI, TMC, Fisheries College etc participated in the rally. The participating students constituted of students from Manipur, Manipuri students originally residing in Tripura and several non-Manipuris.

The rally was jointly organised by TMSYCCO (Tripura Manipuri Students
Youth Co-ordination Committee) and MASAT (Manipuri Students Asoociation of Tripura).

Most of the local newspapers (Dainik Sangbaad, Aajker Phariyaad, Syandan Patrika etc) and local channels (Aakash Tripura, Shristi ets) covered the story.


The press release is sent to KanglaOnline by Phijabam Subhabrata from Tripura. Presently studying B.Tech, Electrical Engineering in NIT Agartala.


  1. Seeking justice for the victim is not the solution here! Each of us in northeast have to raise ourself in terms of thought process, professionalism,our act in the society & its impact and our responsibility towards taking country in newer heights.

    With internet available almost to each one of us, we can refer the best practices followed in developed countries across the world and imply them on ourselves.As youth we have to be the pulse of northeast and let the world know what we can achieve simply by realizing our true potential and then see the respect and fondness coming from all over India and outside world.Having said that such kind of incidence (death of Manipuri student) are shame for India and justice will take its path to correct that.To end discrimination against northeast – it is each of us who has to rise to the occasion and show the world simply by excelling in our individual endeavors!

    All the best !

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