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KSO on Richard case

IMPHAL, May 3: The Kuki Students’ Organization, Delhi, in the strongest term condemned the brutal act of the alleged murder of Richard Loitam under suspicious circumstances in a college hostel in Bangalore, stated a press release of the student body.

It is unbelievable that such heinous crime could take place in such a secure zone of institution, it added.

“We (KSO Delhi) appeal to the concern authority (the state-Bangalore and the centre government) to take stringent action against those thugs for their indefensible crime and take concrete measure not to ensue on anyone in future” the release said.

“We also felt that, it is a high time in this globalized world not to act upon any human being based on their social profile, which can be more destructive when the other takes vengeance in different ways and means. It is also the prime time that political leaders from North-East turn their political cannon towards the centre government so that they can set their eyes and ears to watch, witness and hear how much injustice and racial discrimination have been carried out towards the north-eastern students in metropolitans like Delhi & NCR,  Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc” the release added.

The statement has also condemned the case of Dana Sangma who allegedly committed suicide inside the campus of Amity University, and added “We shared the pains to which both the family is going through and pray that even if the concern authority could not come up with appropriate justice, our Heavenly Father will certainly bring justice for our beloved friend, Richard Loitam and Dana Sangma. “May their Soul Rest in Peace””.



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