Arambai Langba – Manipur




Arambai Langba of  Manipur

Seen above is a warrior demonstrating ARAMBAI LANGBA of Manipur one of the deadliest weapons in a battle. Heavy arrows with adequate feathers to help in flight thrown backwards from a galloping horse. It’s best used when retreating from the enemy. The pursuing enemies are caught surprised and the outcome are always fatal.

There are two main methods of the throw. One is to swiftly plunge the arrow/arrows sideways. This directly hits the enemies behind.

The another method is more fatal combined with the advantage of surprise. A handful of arrows got hold of by their feathers is thrown upwards and backwards from the galloping horse after measuring the enemies distance from him. The arrows first fly upwards and backwards and then turn a sudden curve like boomerangs and strike the pursuring enemies from behind. ~ Moirangthem Ranjit

Photography By: Moirangthem Ranjit

When was this photo taken: Day 8 – Manipur Sangai Tourism Festival – 2011


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