IM not happy with media expressions


Nagaland , DIMAPUR, August 24 (NNN): In its attempt to answer to the seeming verbal attacks on the outfit through media on the question of the freedom of expression, the NSCN-IM asserted today that the outfit is no less than any other intellectual when comes to such subject. The outfit claimed today that there are many intellectuals in the NSCN-IM set up who understand like any other academic or intellectual regarding the meaning of the freedom of expression. The NSCN-IM explained that the freedom of expression has its limits and said, “Anything that one says or writes is not the freedom of expression”. It also added that the freedom of expression is not meant for destruction and obstruction.

Today`s statement of the NSCN-IM came following certain write-ups in the media that were not so amused to the outfit. The outfit had hit back on few articles written by some regular columnists in the media and there have been the feed backs too.

“For freedom and independence, the Nagas had fought against the forced occupationists in the land of the Nagas for more than eight decades and the outfit has been conducting political dialogue with the Government of India strenuously for fifteen long years by the NSCN leadership on behalf of the Nagas to clinch an honourable settlement from India. If such an agreement takes place, certainly Nagas will get respite from tortuous struggle. But when the political dialogue seemed to reach a logical conclusion, different Naga groups and individuals have raised alarms in the name of patriotism and in the name of freedom of expression. There are so many intellectuals, philosophers and journalists who are throwing mud and dirts into the expected conclusion of the talks,” alleged the NSCN-IM.  “Are these people really patriots in words and actions? Are Nagas so wise and out spoken?,” it asked.

The  NSCN-IM then said that the freedom of expression cannot be misinterpreted.

“But whatever may be the case, the NSCN will carry on the works and responsibilities entrusted to them by the Naga people, come what may. The dog barks but the caravan moves on.” the outfit said.


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