Northeast exodus – Facebook to remove content, block pages, disable accounts inciting violence


AugĀ 22

In the backdrop of appeals by India to remove hate posts, world’s largest social networking website Facebook today said it will remove content, block pages or even disable accounts of those users who upload contents that incite violence or perpetuate hate speech.

Comprehending the gravity, Facebook’s stern warning to its users comes in the wake of the Indian government bringing to its notice the posting of contents, including inflammatory matters and doctored pictures and videos to create social unrest in the country.In fact, Facebook has already removed quite a significant number of such “inflammatory” and “hate” contents from its website and in some cases blocked pages.

A spokesman of the site said if any user repeatedly tries to upload such hateful content, Facebook can even disable the account. Expressing serious concern over the current situation in India wherein people have tried to use Facebook as a tool to incite violence or spread hate, the official said Facebook has taken a number of measures to prevent this.

Source: Newsonair


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