KEN awareness session in Manipur University (MIMS’s auditorium)


Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) awareness session was organized in Manipur University (Manipur Institute of Management Studies’s auditorium) on August 29th 2012.

The session was attended by –
1. Prof Irabanta Namairakpam (Dean Life Science, Manipur University)
2. Prof Jibon Lks (Director in charge, Manipur Institute of Management Studies)
3. Prof Memcha Loithongbam (Manipur Institute of Management Studies)
4. Faculties of Manipur Institute of Management Studies
5. MBA students in Manipur Institute of Management Studies.

Lakshmikanta Laikangbam in KEN awareness session in Manipur University (MIMS’s auditorium)

Pictures can be found at

View KEN-Presentation :

[pdf ]

This information was made available by Lakshmikanta Laikangbam (IT Professional, Boston, USA) who can be contacted at overseasmanipuris(at)gmail(dot)com


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