Kuki Black Day on Sep 13


    IMPHAL, Sept 10: As part of the traditional mandate, the Kuki Inpi will observe “Sahnit” (Black Day) on 13 September.

    In a statement issued to the press, A Lenthang, Kuki Inpi Kumpi, also president of Kuki Inpi Assam said observation of “Sahnit” is Chin-Lushai-Kuki national mandate from times immemorial practised in a village when someone is murdered and added, the observation will end once the issue is settled amicably in a proper court of law.

    It resolved to observe “Sahnit” for all those killed in 1996, the statement said and added, about a thousand innocent people including women and children were killed by those who fought for sovereignty against India.

    A total number of 104 was killed on September 13, 1993, the highest number killed in one day, the statement stated, it is the government’s duty to settle the victims problem as part of their legal duty, it added.


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