State-KSDC meeting fails


LAMKA, November 20: The Kuki State Demand Committee called on the press this afternoon and reasserted its demand for a separate Kuki state within Manipur. 

The committee has further announced that an emergency meeting was also held at Bijang Vengnom, Churachandpur to discuss the outcome of the meeting held this morning between representatives of the state govt and of KSDC at the office chamber of Dy CM at 10:40 am.

A press note of the committee has said that during the emergency meeting it was decided was to give special consideration to participants of the upcoming Sangai festival and candidates of the TET exam with valid documentsand prior intimation to the committee.

But the committee has reasserted its stand that public blockade will continue as it is until the union Govt give a written assurance inviting the committee for talks; the note further added that the KSDC appreciate the initiative taken up by the state govt to put pressure to the Govt of India (GOI) for a `Kuki solution` and also expressed its appreciation to all sections of societies, group and individual who stood by them.

“The committee on the other hand condemn the atrocities committed by state force in connivance with some vested individual and causing injury to an elderly woman by the name Nemkim, 45 who is a band supporter at Mongneljang,Imphal-Ukhrul road at 11:00am today, while the KSDC is holding meeting with the Govtof Manipur”,it said before adding that the state govt. is not sincere enough to address the Kuki issue.

Nemkim is hospitalize and is now under treatment at Christian hospital, Imphal, it said.

One of the conditions set by the committee is an assurance from the govt. on the Kuki issue and authenticateit by a written record.

The committee has also expressed that the Govt of India is not as sincere to the Kuki cause as it was with the Naga issue who are also in talk with the Govt and continued that the Kuki issue cannot be treated in a step motherly treatment.

It has further pointed out that if the GOI is serious they can talk directly to the KSDC, instead of using the service of the Dy CM.

The KSDC justified their action by pointing out that this is the only time when the Kuki  are taking such extreme step and till now they had  not effected any blockade or were involve in any such exercise.

The committee felt that they are not given the big ear that is offeredto the Naga though they insist that they had nothing against the Naga but were just plainly upset with the state Government.

They also want official statement from the GOI and felt thet they are demanding a just demand which had long been ignored to them.

AKSDC spokesmen said that there is no immediate plan to go to Delhi without proper consultation with the centre and as of now there is no formal invitation from Delhi for a direct talk on the Kuki state issue.

The KSDC delegate was represented by the chairman Hejang Haokip,secretary Benjamin Mate, vice chairman Sonthang Haokip, executive member SaplenKilong, joint sectetary LVarte while the state government side was represented by Gaikhangam, MLA Yamthong Haokip, Chief Secretary DS Poonia, Special Secretary, Home AK Sinha and DGP Y Joykumar.


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