`Time for War`


    Rise and pick up
    All your weapons,
    But never without your,
    Book of Bible.

    Let all nuclear weapons implode
    Let all chemical and biological weapons
    Expire out and dry up,
    Let the reign of the forces of the Lord shine.

    Let no supersonic warplanes,
    Be able to take off,
    From the airfield and aerodromes,
    Or from wherever they are.

    If it be thy will,
    Let the third war come,
    Start the coming next day
    And ladies and children enjoy its durance

    And let my motherland,
    Suffer no unnecessary casualty,
    Let no children of God, be
    Touched or harmed.

    We, all you children
    Await thy second coming,
    Let the new Eden be formed again,
    A heaven on Earth, Amen, Lord.

    – Takhellambam Priyokumar


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