Jiribam battling against illegal entry


Manipur, JIRIBAM, March 7: There is a rapidly growing apprehension amongst the general public that the security forces will not be able to check the inflow of illegal non-locals into the state through Jiribam sub-division in Imphal East district which is also considered by many to be the Western gate of the state.

The problem according to residents of Jiribam is not just of foreigners but  numerous individuals who identifying themselves as Indian citizens  not being able to produce proper identity proofs or valid papers.

Amidst the growing apprehension, the OC CID (SB) Foreigner Check Post and the OC Foreigner Check Post (FCP), Jiribam are keeping vigil on illegal non local trying to sneak in through the sub-division which neighbours Assam.

In 2011, there were 34 foreigners with passport entering the state through the sub-division, while till 2012 there were 37 foreigners entering the state with valid papers, though another 180 failed to produced their valid papers and were made to return back.

Meanwhile, it is also learnt that 14 foreigners had entered the state through the same route with valid papers since the start of 2013 till March 7; while 146 others have already been made to turn back for their failure to produce valid papers.

In the meantime, at the Foreigner Check Post, there have been attempts of foreigners trying to sneak in  without valid documents into the state. An official on conditions of anonymity said, it is easy to sieve out, however checking the entry of all illegal non-locals is impossible.

He cited the reason to be lack of a proper guideline and instruction from the state government.

He continued that any Indian Citizen can enter the state and that the authorities cannot stop any foreigners with legal and valid papers. However, labourers for the ongoing construction work of the rail-line and the National Highway 37 are allowed entry with only a photo and his name and address (which cannot be affirmed) written on the letter head of the construction companies without any verification and as such it is impossible for the concern authorities to check the entry of illegal foreigners into the state.

It cannot be rule out that the companies have not brought in cheap and illegal labor from nearby Bangladesh, he continued.

Meanwhile, it may be mentioned that most labors brought in by companies involved in the construction of the Rail-line are from Tripura side which neighbours Bangladesh, he said.

He also said that once the illegal non-locals managed to slip by the Jiribam check post; they manage to reach Imphal as foreigners’ verification at Nungba, Noney and Keithelmanbi are negligible.

Non-locals found trying to enter the state without proper verification and identity proof of being an Indian citizen are asked to return and come back with proper papers, he expressed.

Most foreigners entering the state from the side through Jiribam with proper documents are mostly from Japan, USA, UK, Israel, Slovania, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Dutch, German, Austria, Finland, Italy and Slovenia.

Most individuals who are unable to provide proper documents are mostly identify themselves to be from Karimganj district of Assam and Tripura.

Non-locals who identify themselves as Indian citizens but failed to provide identity proofs are requested to come back with valid papers, he informed.

Valid identity proofs for Indian citizens include Residential Certificates provided by the concern DC, SDO, SDC, Circle Magistrate; Driving Licence/PAN Card/Voter Id card/Passport/Ration Card, said the official.


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