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15th Dark day observation held

IMPHAL, April 27: The 15th  Dark day observation was organized by the International Peace and Social Advancement (IPSA) in connection with  the day Manipur  lost its independence at MDU hall, Yaiskul Police lane, Imphal.

Mangoljao, Secretary General IPSA said that on April 27, 1891, the Manipur flag with Kangla-Sa was pulled down and the Union Jack was hoisted and added that the black day was being observed today decrying it. He continued further that the people of both the hill and valley should make the effort not to affect/disintegrate territorial integrity.

Reprsentatives of various civil society organizations participated in the observation. Special invitee, RK Ranendrajit, Editor Freedom said that the war fought at that time is a historical one.

He continued that we should make our move honestly and without corruption after we understand clearly what we want to achieve. “On this day we should put our heads together to work out policies for our future generation,” he said, going on  to say that Irom Chanu Sharmila has been fasting for 12 years demanding repeal of AFSPA but India Government of India has been neglecting her.

Speaking at the function, Dr. Danabir Laishram noted that treatment conditions would improve if Private public partnership (PPP) is introduced in Manipur but poor people will not be able to afford to receive treatment. Pubic opinions should be sought before it is introduced in Manipur.

MLA N Biren in his speech as the chief guest mentioned that the situation of the State will improve in a holistic manner after with the advent of the Look East Policy. The arrival of trains will further create better connectivity with the rest of the Nation and will ease the problems faced by truckers along the National Highways.

“The civil organizations have no right to blame the state governance, blaming politicians is akin to blaming oneself as the MLA, ministers have been mandated by the public,”Biren said. He voiced want of the Dark Day observance to be continued in an ever larger scale by the youths of the State.



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