`Govt needs immediate steps to curb crime against women`


IMPHAL, April 12: The state government needs to gear up steps against the rising cases of crime against women in the state both in the hills and the valley at the earliest, said the Manipur State Commission for Women Chairperson Dr Ibetombi Devi today.

Elaborating on the need for immediate emergency steps on the issue, she added, “Delaying is denying”.

She was addressing media persons during a press conference this afternoon at her Lamphelpat DC Office on the recent upsurge of crime against women being witnessed in the state.

“If the issue is not handled with utmost care and concern at the earliest and checked such crimes, then there is every chance that they will go out of hand,” she added.

Though everyone is aware of the recent upsurge in the cases of violence against women in the state, the Government does not seem to be so enthusiastic about addressing the issue, she said.

The Chairperson said, though the government has taken up steps like arresting culprits in some of the cases, it is not enough and the government’s lack of interest and concern has only encouraged the criminals instead of discouraging them against such crimes.

The Government need to deal with the issue with a sterner action; she said and further added that all found guilty of such crimes should be awarded sterner punishment so as to deter others from committing such crimes.

On the Satyabhama murder case, the Chairperson said, “The government should investigate further.Investigation should have proper verification of witnesses including on the spot inquiry,” she said while adding that all found guilty should be punished. 

Rejecting the claim of one of the accused in the case that he had carried Satyabhama’s dead body on his moped after killing her, she said there could be others involved in disposing the dead body.

She added,” Many have also rejected the statement of one of the accused and there is need to re-examine the statements of all the accused in the case.”

Pointing out that there is a need for community mobilization to help the investigation, Dr Ibetombi Devi said that the present issue of crime and violence against women in the state is akin to the issue of drug abuse in the state and need proper handling from all concerned stakeholders.

The major trend in such cases is that the victims at most times are from the underprivileged class while the perpetrators turn out to be from the privileged strata of the society, she said.


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