KSO drive against dendrite abuse by young people


LAMKA, April 17: The Kuki Student Student ( KSO) seized around 245 Dendrite adhesives which are fast becoming a popular substance for abuse among several youngsters in Churachandpur district.

The student body had initiated the drive since April 13.

Incidentally, the teenagers indulding in the abuse of dendrite sniffing are mostly found in gangs which they give names like like xxx gangster ,N-20 Slum dog, Young revolution, Red Hawk etc.

14 such teenagers, all in the age group of 13 to 17 years were picked up by the student body and interrogated leading to the seizure of the adhesives which were being sold to them at double the original price.

The seized adhesives were burnt today at the office of the Kuki Inn, CCpur office at Tuibuang in the presence of the public and the media.

For the record, denrite is an industrial product which has many utilities because of its quality, but unfortunately this good quality adhesive is being abused extensively by youngsters for its smell which produces a `kick`. Dendrite sniffing is also seen as prelude to the abuse of other substances like pensedyle etc. and is common among young people  in many other countries particularly Indonesia, Malaysia and even in the USA.


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