MSAD Press Release – Condolence on suicide of Chongtham Kripa


Office of the
Manipur Students’ Association Delhi
Date: 14th April, 2013-04-14
Ref: 20130414a
Condolence on suicide of Chongtham Kripa

A Manipur student has allegedly committed suicide in his hostel room at Hindu College, University of Delhi today at around 3:00 am today. A team of MSAD executives and advisors rushed to Hindu College Hostel to investigate on it. And below is the brief report on the said incident.

The person was Chongtham Kripa, from Kakching, a first year Music Honours student of Hindu College, University of Delhi. He has been under depression for about a month, his father said, and has been under medical consultancy. That night, as many hostellers from Manipur said, his roommate and most others was out throughout the night being weekend. When his roommate returned to their room, it is said that he wasn’t responding even after several knocks and calls. When peeped through the window, he was found lying dead with wires around his neck. His roommate, along with some of his friend, then, break the door which thereafter informed the hostel authority. Sources said that he tightened his neck with a mobile charger using a hammer and died due to suffocation. The investigation report of Delhi Police, according to a Manipuri hosteller, said that it was a suicide and a suicide note has been recovered. The family of the boy has already accepted that the incident was a suicide and the body was transferred from Hindu Rao hospital to AIIMS. They had planned to take the body to home at 11:15am flight tomorrow.

MSAD express a deep condolence over the death of a fellow Manipuri student pursuing graduation in Hindu College, University of Delhi. May his soul rest in peace. We also convey our heartfelt condolence to the family who has suffered such a invaluable loss. Depression in one or other has been a problem to many Manipuri students in Delhi. MSAD, therefore, appeals the students pursuing higher education in Delhi to live a cheerful life free from depression, share their joys and sorrows with family or near and dear ones and help each other in one’s needs.


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