AR refutes ZRF claims


    IMPHAL, May 7: A PIB (Defence Wing) has said that reacting to the news report published in the IFP on May 6 under the title “ZRF not under KNO, but UPF”, the Assam Rifles has strongly rejected the allegation made against 46 Assam Rifles and Maj Vikas Kundu. 

    It said the charges of the outfit are baseless and fabricated and are being made to cover up extortion activities of those involved in New Lamka area of Churachandpur. 

    “It has been noted that ZRF, although signatory of SoO agreement, continues to carry out fresh recruitment of cadres, which is against the ground rules. It was only these fresh recruits and unauthorized cadres who were apprehended along with arms and ammunitions by 46 Assam  Rifles on May 2. The operation was launched based on a specific intelligence about presence of few cadres carrying out extortion in the Churachandpur town. During preliminary investigation, it was revealed that they belong to ZRF.  Thus allegation that 46 AR is specifically targeting ZRF, is totally baseless”, it claimed.


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