Job card holders of Chakpikarong repair road


By Ruwngthung Hrangbung

CHAKPIKARONG, Dec 19: In connection with the forth coming Christmas festival, MG-NREGS Job card holders of Chakpikarong Sub-Division in Chandel District today repaired a road stretch from Sugnu to Aigejang village via Chakpikarong Sub-Divisional Headquarters.

The repairing work was started from 9.30 in the morning and continued till 4.00 in the evening under the initiative of 41 A/C Chandel MLA StVictor Nunghlung and SDO/BDO Chakpikarong Hmangte Lerte Kom.

The event was jointly organized by Gunpi Area Kuki Chiefs Ass., Anal Naga Chiefs Association Chakpikarong, Kana Area Kuki Chiefs Association and Kangbunglon Anal Naga Chiefs Association Chakpikarong Sub-Division.

A large numbers of MG-NREGS  Job Card holders including women armed with spade and  shovel came out of the road, cleaning the roadside and filling the pot holes by using sand and pebbles which were transported by shaktiman truck.

While briefing the media persons, SDO/BDO Chakpikarong Hmangte Lerte Kom, said that the road repairing was done voluntarily by the MG-NREGS Job Card holders under the initiative of the local MLA St Nunghlung Victor and organized by both Kuki and Naga Chiefs Association of Chakpikarong Sub- Division.

RD. Thumdang president of Anal Naga Chiefs Assn. Chakpikarong Sub-Division while expressing his gratitude to all the Job Card Holders, SDO/BDO Chakpikarong, Ts. Warngan Social Worker, Maj. Sunil 32 AR Salluk Post for arranging JCBs, also thanked the Shaktiman owners for generously contributing for the said road repairing,

He also appealed to the concerned authority to release 26 days wages of the Job Card holders on or before coming Christmas festival as 30 days work has been completed under MG-NREGS 2013-14.

Later SDO/BDO Chakpikarong accompanied by his staffs and the Naga Students Union Chandel visited the repairing site from Chakpikarong to Sajik Tampak and interacted with the job Card Holders at work.

The officer assured them of releasing 26 days wages of the Job Card holders on or before coming Christmas festival.


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