Treat surrendered rebels well: RPF


IMPHAL, January 4: The proscribed outfit, Revolutionary People’s Front has said that the armed groups that have surrendered before the Indian security forces with promises of employment, recruitment in the army, money, etc are being used by the Indian security forces today to make monetary demands, lob grenades at residential areas, kidnapping individuals for ransom, etc.

The press release of the outfit said glaring examples include the arrest of MDF members while they were trying to serve demand letter to the RIMS authority along with Assam Rifles on February 23, 2013; on October 16, 2013, general secretary of the United Tribal Liberation Army, Thadou faction was arrested by the Jiribam Police while trying to collect the ransom money of Rs 1000000, which was made along with the Assam Rifles.

The statement said, later a team of the 22 AR Unit Post led by major Anand Kanti stormed at Jiribam Police and tried to forcibly take away the arrested UTLA general secretary.

The statement has also claimed that it is clear that even if the surrendered cadres are handed over to the state government, there will be no efforts for their proper rehabilitation.

There were even news reports about the surrendered cadres staging agitations lamenting that they have been maltreated and that they have not been provided employment as was assured before, said the statement.

The surrender drama or the fake surrender drama held by the state government and the Indian security forces are just to show to the centre that the counter insurgency is a success and to show the movement in a bad light, said the statement. The statement further appealed to the people to be kind to the surrendered cadres.


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