Village depreived of school construction: Thingpan VA


By Alex Guite

LAMKA, March 22: Village Authorities of Thingpan Village, at Tipaimukh sub-division, Churachandpur today alleged that in a complete disregard of the Right to Education, a school meant to be constructed at the village had been constructed at a nearby village instead without citing any reasons.

The village authority today made its displeasure known over the unwarranted issue that has deprived the children of the village of the school.

A note signed by the chairman of the VA, Tongkhothang Singson said that for the construction of Thingpan Jr High School building a sum of Rs 28 lakhs had been earmarked of which 40 percent had been released under sanction no 18/20/2010-ED(CCP)SSA/AO Jan 2014.

It continued that after the first instalment amounting to 40 percent of the total was released, ironically, the school construction was not started at their village, Thingpan but at a nearby village Hmar Maulien which not only angered the villagers but have also saddened them.

In this regard, the Thingpan School children union had reached the unofficial school building construction site and uprooted the 10 feet foundation of the building which was constructed from the 40 percent fund released by the government, it continued.

It has further warned that incase the authorities concerned failed to rectify the problem as per the original allocation within 30 days of the publication of this report, the Thingpan villagers under the leadership of the School Development Managing Committee, SMDC chairman will file a case under the Right To Education (RTE) Act against all the teachers of the Thingpan Govt Jr H/Shool.

The Thingpan VA also say that the student union of Thingpan and VA will leave no stone unturned to restore the school and their pride and; further warned of further action and serious consequence if the wrong is not righted at the earliest.


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