Tuibuang Jr High facing acute shortage of teachers


By Alex Guite

LAMKA, April 21: With the coming of the summer, temperatures have become to soar already. And in such a situation, students at the Tuibuang Junior High School, Lamka Churachandpur are already facing brunt of the scorching heat due to jam-packed class rooms.

With 16 teachers to attend to the 850 students, the school has a teacher-student ratio of 53:1, much above the national guideline of 1:30; while developed countries like the US has a 14:1, France has 18:1, Germany has 12:1 and Australia has 15:1.

The Tuibuang school is located at an area of 130/120 feet square campus and has no playground for the students which the government had earlier made mandatory.

With rationalisation of teachers on the card according to reliable sources, the main apprehension is that five-six of the teachers will be transferred or reallocated to other places which will only increase the teacher shortage in the school.

Another teacher is set to retire soon, which will mean that the teacher strength will be decreased to 9 or 10.

This will mean that the ratio will be further widened to around 85:1.

School authorities lamented that they have time and again informed the government about the lack of teachers in the school which have fallen on deaf ears every time.

In the meantime, a government order has been issued that six teachers of the junior school will soon be reallocated to other schools.

Meanwhile, certain sources have claimed that this order was issued with a date back of February 20, 2014, although the same was issued on April 8, 2014 considering the election model code of conduct.

Interestingly there is also an assurance of the government doing the rounds since the past few months that the high school will be upgraded to a high school.

Last year of 25 ex-students of school who appeared the Class X exam from other schools, 16 were successful, said a teacher.

On being asked to comment, the principal of the school lamented that if the government continues with its decision to take away teachers from the school, than he will have very limited resources.

He said the school will soon be convening a parents teachers meeting to discuss the issue.

During a visit to the school, it was found that some classes had as many as 80 students each, with around five-six students sharing a bench.

It may be mentioned the Siamsinpawlpi/Paite Students’ Association had held a meeting with heads of more than 41 schools and student bodies, during which it was decided that the CCpur District Students’ Union will take up the issue of reallocation of teachers and if the government fail to take a positive decision on the issue by May 17, the student bodies will initiate agitations and no teachers will be allowed to leave the district.


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