Tiddim Road traffic disturbed as bus owners’ JAC protests


IMPHAL, July 22: Normal traffic along the busy Tiddim Road was disrupted today after the JAC of the Tiddim Road Bus Owners’ Association parked their vehicles along the road demanding the government to checked unauthorised permit holder of light commercial vehicles.

The JAC said it had started its agitation from July 20 demanding the checking of unauthorised permit holder commercial vehicles.

Today’s action was in reply to the government’s silence over their demands said members of the JAC.

The JAC members began their steering wheel down agitation and parked their vehicles along the road starting from Keishampat junction and continuing till Kwakeithel Bazar.

The parking of the heavy vehicles along the already congested road created much hindrance to the other commuters.

A JAC spokesperson said the JAC is demanding termination of inspector Dena of the Enforcement Cell along with the checking of the unauthorised permit holders at the earliest.

In case the government fails to look into the demand and act positively, the JAC will stop all services of commercial vehicles in the State, the JAC spokesperson warned.

He told the media that the inspector has neglected to act on an appeal made repeatedly by the JAC to check the unauthorised permit holders, even though the concerned minister has already directed to do so.

He claimed that several unauthorised permit holders are plying along the Tiddim road.

The JAC had checked such serviced on several counts, however, without proper guidance and initiation from the concerned authorities, it is impossible to fully look into the issue, he said.


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