ADC-SH members charge chairman of swindling funds


IMPHAL, September 19: Fourteen members of the Autonomous District Council, Sadar Hills including vice chairman Paojalet Touthang are up in arms against chairman Haokholal Hangshing charging him of swindling crores of development funds.

The dissidents have also moved a no-confidence motion against the chairman before the additional deputy commissioner, Kangpokpi seeking Haokholal’s removal from the post.

Speaking to the media during a press conference at Imphal where the 14 are presently camping, Paojalet said the chairman has decided to disregard the other members as public representatives and acting against the spirit of the District Councils Act and Rules.

There is no transparency in the financial administration under his leadership, he alleged before asserting that although all administrative functions of the council are vested with the executive committee, in reality the chairman has concentrated all functions for himself.

He alleged that the chairman is exercising unguided administrative powers in an arbitrary manner at his own discretion in all development related matters without consulting the house or the executive committee.

He said it has been more than three months since the 14 of them have been camping at Mahabali seeking Congress High Command to remove the chairman who is supported by only ten members.

Paojalet also alleged Haokholal of misusing funds amounting to Rs 1 crore under the 13th Finance Commission in the name of construction of 100 schools in Sadar Hills, without the knowledge of the majority of members.

He stated that sources have informed that “Chairman Haokholal Hangshing is again trying to fraudulently withdraw and misuse more council funds without the approval of the district council or the executive committee before the no confidence motion is resolved.”

Paojalet Touthang alleged that his intention is to bring disunity among the congress councilors which will eventually weaken the Congress Party in Sadar Hills.


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