Sluggish and frequent interruption of BSNL’s broadband service at Kangpokpi cause spring of convolution to customers


KANGPOKPI, Sept 3: Subscribers of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) at Kangpokpi and its adjoining area today registered a tough complained over the uninspiring and frequent interruption of broadband service as well as poor and slow connectivity of signal.

Scores of Internet GPRS and broadband subscribers told the local media person that for the last few months and up till now they had been facing tough time due to the frequent disruption and dawdling broadband services and weak signal in the town.

“Despite repeated attempts, I could not surf internet on my mobile throughout the day due to slow GRPS service,” said a subscriber.

Though penetrations of mobile technology have made landline phones almost redundant for voice telephony, a majority of existing subscribers are retaining them and new ones are being obtained from BSNL only for broadband services. But still BSNL subscribers in Kangpokpi continue to face a plethora of ordeals including deficiency of services in broadband, non-responsive call centres and abnormal delay in restoration of services.

BSNL’s broadband services, which operate through the wired connection (with a combination of optical fibre cable and copper cable), are opted for their speed and connectivity. However, it takes days together to restore the services in cases of disruption even as deficient back-end support drives customers to desperation.

Many subscribers from the town and its adjoining areas including Kalapahar, Keithelmanbi, Haipi, Sapormeina, Motbung, Changoubung, Mayangkhang, T. Khullen and even in Senapati DHQ said that BSNL signal was not working at all up to the expectation of the subscribers while the speed of broadband was dazzlingly slow.

Kangpokpi being one of the biggest business hubs in the area most of the business institution has been accessing internet while every Government department too are all internet users provided by BSNL.

State Bank of India, Kangpokpi Branch has been frequently compelled to ceases their public service due to repeated interruption of broadband internet connection which become a source of inconvenience for thousands of customers spreading in the length and breadth of the town.

In this competitive market, if the services of BSNL continue is like this, for sure, BSNL has a very dark future in town and adjoining area as well warned a subscriber.

While complaining of weak signal which render the customers difficulty in making or receiving the calls another subscribers maintained that the weak signal of BSNL is another irritating story in the town where several complaints have already been lodged in the exchange but no satisfactory action has been executed so far.

The signal level of BSNL is inconsistent. We are fed up with BSNL’s poor network and are left with no option than to switch over to other cellular network. Despite many reminders BSNL authorities have failed to improve their services,” complaint the subscribers.

“BSNL broadband service is terrible particularly in Kangpokpi where it works intermittently”, complaint Daniel Khongsai, a flight travel agency at Kangpokpi who rue opting BSNL before adding that slow connectivity and frequent interruption of broadband has become a spring of nuisance for thousands of customers in the town.

Subscribers who talked to the local media said the service of BSNL has gone from bad to worse over past some weeks largely due to its own ‘unprofessional conduct’ and ‘slackness’ adding that it is certainly disheartening to see a national level ISP like BSNL showing no signs of regret and taking no steps to assure customers the best of service.

Feeling betray, the dismayed customers, who have day in and day out embarrassment of complaints against BSNL internet services lamented that we lost all our loyalty to the Company even when our repeated complaints and request were not addressed satisfactorily and on time as well.

They also sustained that the good subscribers continue to manage with the bad service till today attaching the faith and loyalty upon BSNL for being the first cellular service provider in the area but now it’s inconceivable.

What bothers us most is BSNL’s failure to notify its customer’s grievances added the distress customers.

“Knocking the doors of law is perfect but one can’t live without Internet these days – implies you need to pay up or negotiate for a lower amount before you knock doors of law! Sorry state of affairs”, noted a businessman at the town who convey his slender hope that sense prevails and customers are not forced to pay up just for BSNL’s fault.

While urging the concerned authority to address immediately the beyond description amount of suffering and grievances of BSNL customers within Kangpokpi and its adjoining area they also demand the authority concerned to provide uninterrupted connection of broadband service directly from Imphal to Kangpokpi not through Senapati.


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